Tarja as a guest in the videoclip of Asspera Band


Tarja working on a new rock album


This is how the working notes for my new rock album look like at the moment. The most difficult part for me is to choose the right songs that will finally make it to this album..

Tarja in the Voice of Finland


Look at this video is very nice!

Setlist – Alajärvi

  1. A. L. Webber: Pie Jesu
  2. H. Kaski: Mökit nukkuu lumiset
  3. O. Kotilainen: Varpunen Jouluaamuna
  4. Instrumentaali I
  5. T. Turunen: Ave Maria
  6. G. Nordqvist: Jul, Jul Strålande Jul
  7. C. Connors: You Would Have Loved This
  8. Instrumentaali II
  9. F. Schubert: Ave Maria
  10. E. Grieg: Ave, Maris Stella
  11. H. Martin & R. Blane: Joulutaivas Tahtineen
  12. Instrumentaali III
  13. P. J. Hannikainen: Hiljaa, hiljaa helkkyellen
  14. H. Blake: Walking In The Air

Tarja Turunen & Harus – Oi Jouluyö – Hankasalmi (12. 12. 2014)


Van Canto – Fear of the Dark (Wacken Open Air 2014)


Napalm Records uploaded this video on youtube. As you may know there were guests include Tarja. In the end of the song Tarja sings „solo“.

Setlist: Katowice

  1. In for a Kill
  2. 500 Letters
  3. Little Lies
  4. Falling Awake
  5. I Walk Alone
  6. Anteroom of Death
  7. Never Enough
  8. Darkness
  9. Ciaran’s Well
  10. Mystique Voyage
  11. Die Alive
  12. Deliverance
  13. Medusa
  14. Victim of Ritual
  15. Wish I Had an Angel
  16. Until My Last Breath
  17. Over the Hills and Far Away